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Creating a foundation of knowledge in process safety, major accident hazards and behavioural safety

Hello. We’re Offshore Mentors.

We are on a clear mission to deliver long term improvements in safety and operational performance within the global oil and gas industry. Through the introduction of new learning technology, we are enabling people to retain knowledge at levels which will never be achievable through current industry practices.
We mentor in the understanding of basic process safety, the safety case, major accident hazards, safety and environmental critical elements and behavioural safety. We offer an Institute of Chemical Engineers Approved course which provides learners with personalised mentoring until they fully understand how they play their role in the prevention of a major accident.
Creating a foundation of knowledge in this area is the key to long term safe and efficient operations.
Mentoring Success

We provide 95% material retention.

Becoming part of our mentoring program will enable you to access the most advanced learning system in the UK. We are going to teach you about safety and culture offshore in ways which will make you a better employee.

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Recruitment Structure

A global solution to first employment.

Employing our registered members who are conversant with their role in the prevention of major accidents should be the foundation to a sustainable business that delivers on regulatoy requirements.

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Training Game Change

Empower people for business success.

Training your employees is critical to business success, yet you train them in ways which can limit their success. It’s time to get on the learners side and enable their development with Offshore Mentors.

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After spending 8 months evaluating different training systems we selected this learning management system simply because it produced the best results.

Bob PerkinsChairman, AA-ISP

I would greatly recommend the course to anyone who is wanting a helping hand into the Oil & Gas industry, it was great at making me think outside the box and encourages you not to fall into the ‘same old pattern” frame of mind. I certainly didn’t think I would be looking at the behavioural side of humans but I found it extremely interesting and showed me there is more to working offshore than just “knowing your stuff” you must know how to act and think appropriately.

Ryan KellyMechanical Engineer

The course is innovative, engaging and teaches proven learning methods. I believe this approach to training can make a real difference, adding an additional barrier to the way our workforce think of process safety and help the oil industry strive for continued safety improvement.

Peter WalkerPlatform Superintendent

We liked the research behind the design - especially the smart way the online platform personalized instruction and practice to each person. However, we were skeptical that it would work in our fast paced environment, so we did extensive testing. The results were so compelling that we expanded it company wide.

Peter FoleySVP Sales and Client Services - Answer Financial Inc.

A great course with an innovative learning system which has proven results for knowledge retention – surely the way forward to replace all dated Oil and Gas training.

Brian McHughHSE Advisor

We have used this learning management system to drive a 3 X ROI for our clients. The knowledge retention has been proven time and time again with outstanding performances from the students.

Bruce LewoltFounder, BrainX

After completing the course, I truly feel that stepping onto an oil rig for the first time will not be as daunting as it may have been. I now know what is expected of you as an oilrig worker in relation to safety.

Mark McDonnellFabricator/Welder

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