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The Offshore Mentors Group

Providing 3 divisions to realise our goals, utilising the most advanced learning system to date.

This is the change you have been waiting for.


A UK 1st - offering a unique personalised eLearing system with upto 95% material retention. It’s not who you know, it’s not even what you know; it’s what you can achieve.


Online portal providing structure to employment within the industry. Focused on reducing recruitment costs and providing excellent service.


Opportunity to integrate your material into our patented eLearning system with full support and guidance on course development and desired learning outcomes


Years of research and £6million invested in patented technology which integrates neuroscience with education to deliver 300% increase in retention rates.

Little About Us

We are leading the way with the next major step change in the industry by upholding our company core values; Versatile, Inspiring, Innovative, Committed.

Our Mission

To provide the oil and gas industry with a versatile recruitment strategy, improving safety and operational performance whilst dramatically reducing costs.

We are passionate about making significant improvements which will lead to a safer and more efficient oil and gas industry throughout the world.

Our Goals

Provide structure to employment

Improve safety performance

Improve operational performance

Reduce recruitment costs

Contact Us

We are looking to engage with operating companies, service companies, recruitment agencies, academic organisations, training providers, individuals and charities. We have something to offer each spectrum of the oil and gas industry and beyond.


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