Death by CBT

By January 8, 2019Training

Death by CBT

There is a well-known phrase “Death by PowerPoint”, meaning when you arrive on a course or any other presentation and you are met with 100 slides of PowerPoint pain.

I’m sure most people have experienced this and can remember all too well how difficult it was to keep your eyes open.

With the quantity and the length of Computer Based Training (CBT), which you’ll find is now mandatory within the Oil and Gas industry I think the phrase “Death by CBT” is starting to emerge.

Having to sit through extensively long and slow progression training which gives the user no control is serving a single purpose within the industry. Tick box mentality.

Being told you must click x and you must click y to listen to a terrible computer generated voice only serves to frustrate the learner and laugh at the voice, as I’m sure the people who designed the course laughed when they heard what they generated.

CBT’s in today’s age are aesthetically pleasing and that Is what sells them to the oil companies. Being shown a highly polished computer generated course with interactions and a multiple choice question at the end seems like an ideal solution to drive an increase in competence. Making it mandatory training and the fact that it can be completed within an hour also sounds like a good idea to give assurance that people know what they are learning.

The space for CBT’s is crowded and they all offer the same service, and more importantly, they all have the same serious flaw. Retention.

Retention percentages of training in a CBT world and a live training world are approximately 22% after 31days with no reinforcement. This is based on the Ebbinghaus Forgetting curve.

It’s not the training providers fault, nor the oil companies fault – it was the best we could achieve, so making them aesthetically pleasing became the competitive edge.

Technology has advanced somewhat since the Ebbinghaus theory, which was re-confirmed in 2015 by students from Amsterdam University. Only the technology has been hidden from sight. Realisation of this technology by Offshore Mentors enables learning programs to, for once, get on the side of the learner, potentially bringing about the death of the conventional CBT.

By conventional CBT we mean the one-size fits all, no control, penalty question course which uses the worst type of question for building memory muscle, multiple choice and it fails on every level to reinforce the content. Sound like a familiar CBT to you?

Everything about them is against the learner, it’s against engagement and in one the most hazardous environments available the rise of CBT’s has seen true competence become a fictitious number fed into a performance dashboard to make a light green. It’s only when incidents occur that failings are realised and questions asked.

The industry deserves better, the people deserve something they can engage with and get value from. Change is needed and Offshore Mentors will work with the industry to deliver the change for a more professional image and more competent workforce.

You can read more here about how the technology we utilise integrates Neuroscience with Education to produce up to 95% retention of learning material.

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