Offshore Experience without being offshore

By January 17, 2019Business

Offshore Experience without being offshore

I’m sure you have all typed something like this into google and read multiple articles on how to get offshore with no offshore experience. It’s a well know “problem” for the industry along with the image of “You need to know someone to get a job, it’s all to do with who you know”.

Now until such time virtual reality becomes mainstream and a software platform is developed to give people a more realistic experience of working on a rig from a classroom then there is no real substitute for offshore experience.
The only thing you can do as an individual is make yourself the most attractive candidate for employment and ensure your background matches the requirements of the job you are applying for and that your behavioral attitude is suitable for the industry.
You must then try to do everything possible to show this to potential employers, don’t just stop at your CV, think outside the box. If the best you’ve got is to make custom cover letters for each application then you’re in the pool of everyone else who is doing this, and if you don’t do this already then what do you expect to happen? I could search Google or LinkedIn right now and find advice for CV’s and cover letters, hundreds of articles, so much content and good advice is out there. Start using the resources around you and start implementing those learnings.

The biggest change required to solve this industry problem is how recruitment companies employ people with no previous offshore experience. If a structure was in place or feedback was provided then maybe the industry image of “it’s who you know” can be changed in time. Although the job advert says “must have offshore experience” I have no doubt that recruiters sieve through hundreds of CV’s and Cover Letters from people with no experience, of course that’s the case, as those with no experience have no avenue and they either know someone or heard that this is the way to get their foot in the door.

A recruiters job must be frustrating at times, waking up to hundreds of CV’s trying to find someone relevant for the job and perhaps missing out on the perfect candidate due to the amount of non-relevant people applying. Can feedback be given to those 100+ people who applied that didn’t have the correct skills or experience, no. It’s just not possible.

So what change can take place? Offshore Mentors can supply the change required.

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The main goal of our recruitment division is to enable employers to make better recruitment decisions by giving them information which will lead to a more productive face to face interview. A by-product of this is that it will save employers time and money, employing the wrong person can be a very expensive mistake.

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