Offshore Mentors Client Care Policy Statement

Our Company desires to operate a sustainable business which recognises the importance of establishing and understanding our clients’ needs and expectations in the delivery of our services.

An integrated approach to client care is critical to our vision to be closely trusted by our clients.

To achieve excellent customer care we are committed to:

  • Understanding the requirements, needs and expectations of our clients and their stakeholders in every aspect of the services we deliver.
  • Developing a professional relationship with all clients and other stakeholders by working in partnership to go beyond merely meeting contractual requirements.
  • Responding quickly and effectively to feedback on the service we provide to ensure that appropriate and timely corrective and preventive action is taken.
  • Developing our people through training and coaching to understand and demonstrate our core values and to ensure effective customer care at all times.
  • Provide our products and services safely and with minimal environmental impact.
  • Provide clear communication to our clients as to what they should expect from the services we provide, via this document and other means.  For example, Offshore Mentors endorsed members will have received the benefit of having been suitably coached and primed for working offshore, but employing an endorsed member does not provide any absolute guarantee that the individual shall have all the required behaviours and skills required for the client’s industry and the client should make decisions on employing an endorsed member based upon their own normal recruitment process.

We believe that all our Group employees and supply chain partners can support our approach to client and customer care through involvement, co-operation and team working.

Our policy will be communicated to all our employees, made available to the public and reviewed annually.