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The most common questions from clients and candidates can be found below, like, will i get a job on an oil rig if i join? we will update this page as required to ensure we satisfy all our customers and provide as much upfront information as possible to allow you to make smarter decision.

What is the purpose of Offshore Mentors?

We have a vision of an oil and gas industry with greater safety and operational performance, a vision of recruitment which eliminates commission and works for both the client and the candidate, a vision of professionalism where it’s not who you know that counts.
We are committed to reducing costs across the industries training and recruitment sections, through continuous innovation we will create versatile platforms and programs which will inspire the future workforce whilst having a positive effect on company’s safety and operational performance figures.
At a time of lower for longer oil prices, creating a sustainable business in oil & gas has never been tougher. We believe all the little changes have a wider affect, unfortunately, there is no single answer. Offshore Mentors is the next change that will continue the drive for safe and sustainable businesses in the industry.

You claim 95% material retention, how can that be possible?

It is achieved through first of all understanding how the brain learns information and then using this neuroscience knowledge to build an e-Learning system which incorporates all the required inputs to enable information to pass to your long term memory, allowing you to recall the right information at the right time.

Why haven't I heard of this technology before now?

That is a good question, i can only suggest that you haven’t been looking in the right places as the technology primarily concentrates on teaching customer service and sales skills in America. This is the first use of the technology in the UK and in the oil and gas industry.

How can you improve safety performance and stop people from getting hurt?

What we teach people on our first module; The Safety Case, is sometimes overlooked information which is relevant to every single person working on an installation. Understanding the concepts of a safety case will give people an appreciation for the environment they are in and most importantly, with the aid of the system it will change behaviors and therefore improve the culture.

How can you improve our operational performance?

Our Safety Case program not only introduces critical offshore knowledge but it takes the learner through 25 scenarios which are classified as safety and operational. The learner will benefit from the mistakes of others, some of these scenarios have caused huge losses of production on a platform. The added benefit though is that these learning will stick, ensuring people make the right decisions at the right time.

Do you have any evidence of success with this learning management system?

Yes, some global companies have used this learning management system for various business developments, generally based around customer service and sales improvements. They include Audi, Allstate, AA-ISP, IBM and Answer financial.
Also, J.D. Power and Associates, a popular global market research company conducted a study on training methods with over 5,000 people. They taught the same set of skills and knowledge to everyone, the only difference was the training delivery method. The learning system Offshore Mentors uses outperformed every other delivery method including live training and other forms of online training. In fact, on average, our learning system showed a 50% greater increase than the other groups.

Can you briefly describe how the learning system works?

Our Learning Management System is an intelligent system that operates like a highly skilled personal tutor or trainer. It builds a learning profile on each learner and uses the profile to create personalized courses and personal daily learning workouts. As the learner progresses a series of complex algorithms ensure the system constantly learns and adjusts the instructions and practice to optimize the impact of every second a learner spends on the system. Finally, instead of relying on multiple choice tests, which only test your short-term memory, the system uses short answer and fill in the blanks questioning throughout, these are proven to increase information to long term memory and help each learner achieve mastery in the subject.

What is this course about?

The first mentoring program developed by Offshore Mentors introduces key offshore knowledge and behavioral requirements.

There is no better place to start than understanding how installations can operate in the first place. Operation comes with risk and it’s how we manage these risks that you must understand so that you can play your part in a safer and more efficient industry
Module includes:

  • Safety Case Introduction
  • Major Accident Hazards
  • Safety and Environmentally Critical Element
  • Industry Behaviours
  • Assurance Lifecycle
  • Process Safety

Why should I take this course?

This course will build or improve your knowledge of the Safety Case and its contents whilst reinforcing the vital behaviors required to contribute to a safe working environment for everyone.

If you are interested in taking a different, more structured approach to joining the industry then talk to us.

How will this course help me?

If you have never worked offshore before then this course will be hugely beneficial to you, you will be learning material which will give you the advantage over other candidates during recruitment and an even bigger advantage when you finally arrive on an installation.
The information you will learn will help you to get that appreciation for where you are, the dangers around you and how you can immediately start playing your part regarding safety and operational performance.
If you are currently or have previously been employed in the industry then this course will reinforce critical material and behaviors until it is embedded in your long term memory, depending on your years experience in the industry and the role you carryout will depend upon how much benefit you will get. If you are unsure just drop us an email and we will discuss the module with you and we can decide together if this could be beneficial to you.
If you are struggling to get employed after spending a number of years in the industry why not join us and take a more structured approach, clients want reassurance that they are making the right decision when it comes to recruitment – we will help you build a profile to make yourself a more attractive candidate.

Do you offer support if I am struggling?

Support is available throughout the program so you should never get to a point where you are struggling. You will receive a phone call within 48 hours of payment being received to discuss the program in more detail with a mentor and they will answer any questions you may have at this initial stage.
A messaging service is available within the learning system so you can communicate with your mentor at any point during the program.

How long will this take me to complete?

Unfortunately due to the nature of the personalized system, there is no single timescale. Everyone learns at different rates and this program customizes itself around the learner, what we can assure you is that it will take you on the optimum path to material mastery. As a general rule we would anticipate 4/5 weeks from start to finish, with around 7-10 hours of actual study time, assuming you log into the system when the digital tutor prescribes.The digital tutor creates your content and tells you when to complete it, you should login on that date to complete the course in the most efficient time. Time spent in the system will be between 10 – 30 minutes a session. This is more effective than a single 3 hour study session for getting information into your long term memory, which is the aim of the system.

How quickly can I start?

If we have availability you should be able to start within 48 hours of purchase. If we don’t have availability you can purchase the program on back order. This will then be managed on a first come – first served basis, you will be informed upon purchase an estimated start date. We limit the amount of learners to ensure a quality service for each customer.

Will i get a job after completing this module?

It would be extremely naive to think that completing any course, whether online or in-person would allow you to gain employment immediately after. If you come across anyone advertising such conditions it will more than likely be a scam.

Should I put this on my CV?

We would encourage you to advertise the fact that you are currently studying with Offshore Mentors. Once you complete the course you will gain a certificate from Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE), you should definitely put this on your CV. Once you complete the course you can continue learning with us to gain your endorsement for employment – at that point we will issue you a unique endorsement badge which should also go on your CV.

How can you guarantee I learn this?

Our learning management system does most of the hard work with customizing the material to ensure you achieve material mastery. However, there are sections which are checked by the mentor to ensure understanding before course completion is achieved. A series of phone conversations may also take place.

Can you describe the content?

The content of this course is text based with some visual content and some examples from an actual Safety Case document. The learning process will be text based, designed around answering fill in the blank questions and short answer questions. These are the best types of questions for programming your memory. The simulations work on your thinking about how you would respond and then selecting the response from multiple choice which best fits with your initial thoughts. You have sections which you will provide answers in text and the mentor will respond with feedback.

There is no computerized people with silly voices or shiny animations which serve little purpose other than being aesthetically pleasing. These can often be distractions which will equate to less learning.
The course is designed for the learner, we want to help you actually learn the material, not just get that tick in the box.

How can I join the recruitment division?

To join the recruitment division of Offshore Mentors you must gain endorsement. The Safety Case Awareness course forms one of the requirements for endorsement. This enables a baseline of knowledge within the industry whilst providing structure to employment and assurance for clients.

How does the division work?

The theory behind the division is that the clients come looking for you and reach out out to you directly. You could think of it as a shop window, you just have to make yourself the most attractive “product” in that window. Clients will be able to contact you directly for further information and to make recruitment offers. The more work you put into your profile the more attractive you will be, then when you get your chance at an interview, whether in-person or over the internet you will be able to further impress the client with knowledge you have gained through Offshore Mentors, hopefully leading to you being offered a position.

How long will it take for me to be employed if I join?

Unfortunately we can’t answer this question, there are just too many variables to consider.

Will i get a job on an oil rig if I join?

Through working with our mentors we would like to think that you will be given the opportunity for an interview at some point during your membership. Performance at that interview is down to you, we will of course work with you to make sure you are as ready as you will ever be.

Will I get feedback?

Yes. This is something which requires improvement within the industry, we believe clients want to give feedback to you but when you consider you are probably 1/100 applications – to give feedback becomes unachievable. We will put the structure in place and encourage clients to give feedback to members when they view your profile.
The mentors will always provide feedback to you, on every aspect of your profile, we will always encourage you to keep moving forward and realize your aspirations.

What information will you ask for?

Details of specific information within the recruitment division is not something we advertise on the website, you can expect the normal personal information of course, work history, CV, qualifications and, we encourage a video introduction.
The information we collate is aimed at building the best possible profile we can to assist clients in making the right decisions with recruitment, this will include details from the courses you complete.

What browser should I use?

We would recommend using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

Why can't I see the modules when i click them?

The learning system uses pop-ups to display each section of the module, this ensures the home screen is always available. When you start the module and click on the pre-test you will be instructed on how to enable pop-ups in your browser for our e-Learning system. When you finish a section and close the pop-up the home screen will update with your progress.

Will this work on my phone/tablet?

Yes, the website is responsive, so completing sections of the module can be done when you are not at your computer. Remember, logging in and working for only 10/15 minutes a day is more effective than a 2 hour session once a week.

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