“right people, right behaviors, right skills”

Smarter Recruitment for everyone

How will our division work for you?

Our recruitment division is a new strategy for the industry focused on providing structure to employment and even more focused on reducing recruitment related costs on a global scale.

What are the costs?

Free on completion.

Admission is free when you successfully complete the Safety Case Awareness course and gain endorsement.

Join now

100% free of charge.

The costs to access and make employment offers to our endorsed members is zero. It is 100% free with currently no limitations.


Benefits to the candidate

  • You will be pleased to know that this will finally provide the structure to employment you have been waiting for, including the vital feedback which will allow you to make better decisions around your career.
  • Whether you’re looking to work in the industry for the first time or now find yourself struggling to gain employment with previous experience, we will enable you to make yourself visible and allow the recruiter to come to you.
  • You will be able to complete detailed profiles and upload supporting documents including video introductions
  • You will be given multiple tasks to complete, allowing you to promote yourself and give recruiters further confidence to invite you for a formal interview.

Benefits to client

  • Our recruitment division will allow you to employ a new class of people with the skills, attitudes and behaviors that fit your company. The key though is to find all of this out before you make employment decisions, even before a formal interview takes place.
  • It is designed with you in mind, the goal is to make your formal interview as productive as possible enabling you to make more intelligent recruitment decisions.
  • When you recruit from our database, you will do so with greater confidence that the candidate fits your company profile and has the skills, attitude and behaviors that you desire.
  • You can be more in control of recruitment and your email inbox, suggesting candidates to join our structured approach and then helping them with feedback enables you to make a difference and improve the industry image on recruitment.

Why are we doing this?

The current model is broken, we need a model which portrays a professional and structured approach for one of the Worlds most valuable industries.

Current Model

The current recruitment model

Our Model

Our intelligent recruitment model

Candidates get little to no feedback when applying for jobs
Candidates WILL receive feedback either from us or the recruiters themselves.
Candidates send hundreds of emails and pester recruiters until someone gives them a chance at an interview.
Candidates are encouraged to build their profiles and complete tasks which will make them stand out from the crowd and become a candidate that someone will employ.
People are gaining employment not on their skills, attitudes or behaviors but on who they know.
We eliminate this ethos and introduce “it’s not who you know, it’s not even what you know, it’s what you can achieve”.
Resourcing teams are bombarded with emails and phone calls with CV’s and Cover Letters attached, work moral can be effected.
Resourcing teams direct everyone to us and then once they become endorsed they search the candidates in their time and at their pace taking a more skilled and selective approach to finding the best candidates for interview.
Poor recruitment decisions are made because we don’t have enough information from a CV to make the right decisions.
Our recruitment database is rich with content that is only there to serve one purpose – to enable you to have information which will lead to a more productive interview and subsequently allow you to make intelligent decisions.