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What can you achieve?

Learning with us will be like nothing you have experienced before. It’s e-Learning but on a far more advanced level. It’s like having your very own personal tutor guide you through material until you can prove that you know it.


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Take a structured approach to entering the oil and gas industry, developed around one simple word. Fairness

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We pride ourselves on speaking with every new member before they embark on the learning journey.

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Throughout your membership we will always support your ambitions to grow and to achieve your career aspirations

Our Learning Programs

Our learning programs take a practical view to teaching safety critical information within the oil and gas industry.

An Introduction to Process Safety & the Safety Case – IChemE Approved

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Intelligent Mentoring in detail

As well as finally providing structure for those without offshore experience, even if you have already worked offshore the mentoring program we run will massively increase your knowledge about the offshore environment in general and it will reinforce the behaviors that keep you and your colleagues safe.

We offer not only an industry first but a UK first in learning technology

The mentoring program is delivered by utilizing a unique personalized e-Learning platform.

This platform can deliver material so effectively that it can change e-Learning as we know it. The material retention rate is up to 95% after 28days! Normal retention after this period is around 22%. When the material being taught relates to safety and efficiency offshore you can see why we are so confident in achieving our company goals of improving safety performance and improving operational performance.

Truly Unique

This opportunity to learn about the oil and gas industry, whether you are looking to work in the industry, have just started or are a seasoned employee is truly unique.

Material tailored to you

The material will be tailored to your needs, this is not an e-Learning environment where everybody gets the same material and everybody runs through the same course, which is known as a one-to-many format of learning.

This is a one-to-one learning environment but without the physical person teaching you, as that is just not possible, and that has been the problem with all e-Learning, it is not feasible to have 1 teacher for 1 student.

Offshore Mentors provides e-Learning within a personalized platform which will tailor itself to your learning requirements.

It will take you on the most efficient path to enable you to achieve mastery with the content of the course.

We define mastery as the ability to recall important information at a time when it is most needed.

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