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Coming 2020

The future of employment

Job Seekers can stop sending multiple CV’s to every recruiter in the industry; recruiters can stop waking up to hundreds of emails to sieve through.
By having a single source of quality candidates who Offshore Mentors have endorsed will make a recruiters job not only easier but more enjoyable. The job seeker will finally have that much needed structure to employment in the oil and gas industry.


Your opportunity to show recruiters why they should offer you an interview. Complete and update your profile with our recommendations to make yourself visible in this cluttered market.
Entry onto the database is only via successful completion of the Offshore Mentors safety case program.
You will stand out from the crowd instantly, with knowledge and behavioral learning you can’t get anywhere else.
The purpose of this – to improve safety and efficiency in the industry.


Search, find and engage directly with any member for free.
Use the detailed profiles to assist with interviews and ultimately the decisions you make around recruitment.
No commission, No commitment, No fee’s. Just give back to the community with advice and guidance for those that don’t yet fit your profile of someone you would recruit.

Providing structure to employment whilst reducing recruitment costs.

To access the endorsed members please contact us.

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