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Intelligent e-Learning meets competence assurance.

Revolutionary e-Learning and competence assurance

Our integrated e-Learning and competence assurance system is like nothing you’ve experienced. It’s e-Learning but on a far more advanced level. Our patented system enables learners to have their own personal tutor, alongside a digital tutor, guide them through the material. Enabling an auditable trail of true competence and a system of assurance for the company.

Current practice Vs. Offshore Mentors

Current system

Multiple systems and processes employing tick box competence with a lack of assurance.


Intelligent System

Integrate your e-Learning to one system which enables assurance of competence.



The decision to integrate comes down to one question. Do we really want everyone to actually know the material? Or are we, as an industry satisfied with current learning and competence methods.

True competence
hidden behind a tick box

From the way computer based training (CBT) is designed, to the reliance on tick box mentality, it all feeds into a process which we feel hides true competence.

In our blog posts we talk more about the hidden costs relating to training and competence and how, on a daily basis, everyone contributes to the bottom line. In another blog post we discuss the implications of current CBT practice’s and how death by CBT is now a common occurance which leads to less engagement. Less engagement leads to less knowledge retention and a higher potential for an incident directly impacting your safety or performance targets.

CBT Content
  • Generic
  • Distractors
  • Dated structure
  • No support
  • Tick box
  • Difficult to measure
  • Difficult to track
  • Lacks manager involvement
  • 28% retention
  • Against learner
  • Lacks reinforcement
  • Ignores research
  • Various providers
  • Numerous systems
  • Difficult to manage
  • Prone to human error

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It’s time you regained
control over competence

Our integrated e-Learning and competence assurance system was built from the ground up with a single purpose – improve retention. Coupled with advanced reporting and data analysis alongside mentor and manager interactions the combined processes enable a more intelligent form of training delivery and competence assurance.

We are enabling you to take advantage from years of research into neuroscience and education, learning how best to combine them in a digital world. As a result, the ROI for this technology is not only measurable on a commercial scale but also on a human scale.

CBT Content
  • Specific
  • Encourages learning
  • Structured delivery
  • Mentor support
  • Mentors
  • Audit focused
  • Simple tracking
  • Management approvals
  • 95% Retention
  • Supports Learner
  • Built for reinforcement
  • Research supported
  • Single source
  • One system
  • Easy to manage
  • Accurate data

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Patented technology ensures that each and every learner can dramatically increase their retention of material by up to 300%. This is a huge step forward from the one-to-many format of every other e-Learning provider and moves it to a one-to-one learning experience. We are very excited for the future of our offshore training course’s and how this can make a huge difference to the way we learn within the industry. The applications are endless, and the benefits quite unbelievable.
The days of sitting through a PowerPoint presentation, taking a short question paper and then leaving, forgetting the material should be behind us.
Companies put personnel on training courses for a reason, so they learn the material. Instead of just getting that tick in the box, this new technology ensures every learner actually learns the material and commits it to their long-term memory.

Through Offshore Mentors we will provide training to a standard which has never been possible until now. When we say learn the material we actually mean – learning the material. When we talk about material retention we talk about figures of 95%.

Offshore Mentors will manage the integration of your material and provide consultations when required to ensure customer satisfaction.We are not looking to take away your current training course strategy; we want to improve it for the benefit of everyone.

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Facts & Figures


days to forget our Minimum Industry Safety Training (MIST)



of information lost after 2 days with standard learning methods.


increase in retention of material through Offshore Mentors.