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Offshore Mentors are looking to collaborate with every aspect of the industry for the mutual benefit of enabling a sustainable business through varying market conditions.

Academic Organisation

  • Expand your course with an additional pre-exam learning experience.
  • Give learners the best chance of achieving excellent final results; after all, exam environments aren’t suitable for everyone.
  • Having learners embark on a custom made learning module will ensure they get the essential information that you wish them to retain, all reinforced through our unique system which provides up to 95% retention of material.
  • Give your students that little bit extra, contact us for a free consultation.
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Whether you have no previous offshore experience or you have worked in the industry before we want to help you in your quest in joining the oil and gas industry.
Not only do we aim to provide the best user platform for you to join the industry, we will make sure that when you do join you are fully prepared for what lies ahead, we give you all the information to ensure your safe and hopefully prosperous career.

To engage with us further and find out more information please contact us using the form below. You must have a LinkedIn account to be considered for further information.
If you don’t have one, go and create one, it is an essential requirement if you are serious about progressing your career in this digital, Internet age.

Take a look at our mentoring program as to progress onto our recruitment database you must have competed the Safety Case module. It’s a simplistic view of trying to improve your knowledge about life offshore before you even arrive there. It is only when you start working offshore that you get an understanding of the above and by that time it could be too late.
We want to program you with the knowledge that will enable you to get the best start in your offshore career. Allowing you to have a safe and prosperous career in the oil and gas industry.

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Operating Companies


If you feel the that awareness needs to be improved relating to MAH, SECE, Assurance, Process Safety and the behaviours required to work on your assets then the mentoring program introduces these topics via the IChemE approved training course “Safety Case Awareness”. We will support your employees throughout and provide a multitude of evidence for competence assurance purposes including a certificate of completion.

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The operating company – you always get the short straw when it comes to recruitment in the offshore industry.

We would estimate that 80% of the time a representative from your company never gets involved with 3rd party recruitment of new starts to your assets.

So although you are paying service companies for providing a service, you have no guarantees that you are receiving a quality employee. Should the employee be of the correct skillset and have the right attitude then that’s excellent, safety, operating performance and moral will all benefit.

But when you get that person who doesn’t meet your expectations, then all of these are directly effected.

  • Safety performance takes a dip
  • Operating efficiency is compromised
  • Workforce moral could decline

Your still paying full price for a service but not getting a lot back in return, infact you would rather not have that particular service on your asset.

We want to help you get more involved with no cost.

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Competence Assurance

If you have existing employees that you would like to develop further using our unique personalised e-Learning system then just let us know the material in question and we will work with you to provide something that will do a lot more than give them that tick in the box. We don’t want to replace your current learning strategy, we want to compliment it with our advanced learning technology.

We can also support you with providing learning material about your company to candidates who are being interviewed or employed to work on your assets. The best place to introduce your company values, life saving rules, golden rules, house rules, safety initiatives or anything else you expect people to comply with is before they arrive on your installation.

People new to the industry have so much new information to take in it makes it impossible to remember it all. The well documented 7 +/-2 is being compromised by just choosing to join the industry.

That’s why with our mentoring program we start the learning process before they’re even employed, so if you want people to fully understand your company rules and comply with them, then give them the opportunity to learn them before arriving on your installation.

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Recruitment Agency

Hello, thanks for visiting Offshore Mentors to find out more about what we are doing.

As you may have already understood, we plan to deal with people with no previous offshore experience. Hopefully this will also reduce the strain on your organisation – i’m sure you receive numerous calls, email and letters from those with no previous offshore experience looking for your help. Well now you have an avenue for them.
By recommending Offshore Mentors to them and should they mention your organisation as a referee then once they get employed in the industry we will return their details for inclusion in your database, as now they will have offshore experience and are hopefully a more attractive candidate for you to provide future opportunities.

Everything will be free, we won’t ask for any commissions or anything like that – just pure business to business collaboration.

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Service Companies

In short, we want to help you.

  • We want to help you recruit the best new talent to your business
  • We want to help you make better decisions around recruitment
  • We want you to employ people with greater confidence that they fit your company profile
  • We want to increase your retention rates
  • We want to reduce your costs when it comes to recruitment

Let’s make recruitment fair, let’s do it in a structured approach, let’s create something that benefits everyone!

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Training Provider

Expand your course with an additional post-course learning experience.

Give attendants the best chance of retaining the course material once the course is complete.

Having attendants embark on a custom made learning module will ensure they get the essential information that you wish them to retain, all re-enforced through our unique system which guarantees 95% retention of material.

To give your attendants that little bit extra and take your training courses to the next level contact us for a free consultation.

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